COVID-19 Preventative Measures

In accordance with Government guidelines, Cheeky Monkeys is now able to offer pre-booked, private-only play sessions so you get to choose who will be in the barn with you. A maximum of 6 people per group (maximum of 2 adults per group). No more than 2 households in 1 group when indoors. Tables are allocated on arrival and adults are required to wear masks and to remain at the tables. Social distancing is to be adhered to at all times.


Situations have been assessed and appropriate measures are in place to mitigate risks. Tables and chairs have been reduced reflecting the new number of guests allowed in the barn. This also facilitates cleaning. High footfall and contact areas such as surfaces, handles, light switches toilets will be regularly cleaned throughout the play session. Tables and seats are distanced and tape on the floor acts as a reminder of social distances required.

Natural ventilation will be maximised when weather permits.

We have reduced the session capacity to 40% of the playframe capacity, 27 people, and this is to include children, parents, and a staff member. Everyone in the building will have 100sq feet of space as recommended. We will adhere to the track and trace (kept for 21 days)  guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

Systems have been put in place to safeguard customers against infection. The frame and barn will be cleaned before every play session.  

Sanitiser is available throughout the play barn. On entering the barn you will be asked to use the sanitiser and will be reminded throughout the session to regularly wash your hands.

A member of staff will explain the measures at the beginning of the session to ensure everyone is familiar with the set-up and play arrangements. There is only one entrance onto the playframe and one exit making sure there is a one-direction flow.  

Customers over the age of eleven will be asked to wear masks on entry and whilst sitting at tables. (Exceptions apply to those customers with health conditions) Children are required to wear socks throughout the session.

There will be a  member of staff who will wear a visor and gloves throughout the session. Food, if required, will be served to a table away from where customers are seated.

Food can be pre-ordered.

Customers will be repeatedly reminded to keep a meter’s social distance.

Changes to play. The ball pits have had to be emptied in accordance with Government guidelines. 

Please be advised if anyone is feeling ill, showing signs of the virus, or live in the same household as someone with the virus, they are politely requested to refrain from visiting the play barn. 

We look forward to welcoming you.

Kind regards,