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Cheeky Monkeys is the premier party venue in Cambridge for your child's party or special occasion.

Stuck for party ideas? Hosting a party at Cheeky Monkeys will be one to remember. All you need to do is bring your guests, relax, enjoy the fun and leave the rest to us. 

Hosting a Private Party

What is the cost of a Private Party?

£130 for two hours hire and £10 per child (minimum of 12). Additional hours can be bought at £65 an hour

What is Private Party hire?

You and your guests have exclusive use of the entire playbarn for the 2 hour session 


When can I book a Private Party?

Any day of the week


What does the Private Party consist of?

2 hours' private hire, party food and drink for the children 

Can siblings join the party?

No it is private hire/named guest only

What are the Private Party times?




Can I book additional hours?

Yes to the 10.00-12.00 party (09.00-12.00) or the 15.00-17.00 party (15.00-18.00) at weekends only. There is greater flexibility for weekday parties.

How many birthday children can you have?

A maximum of 2 birthday children 

Is there a minimum and maximum number of children?
Yes 12 minimum and 20 maximum

1 adult is invited per child

What is the maximum age of any child?
6 years old

What do I need to do at the Private Party?

Hand the cake and party bags into reception

Welcome your guests

Keep an eye on the children

Enjoy yourself and take photos 

We do the rest


Do you have invitations?

Yes they can be downloaded here


What is the Private Party format and timings?

Children play for 45 minutes 

Party food is served  (allow 25 minutes)

Happy birthday is sung at the beginning when all the children are seated and you have a captive audience. Photo/video opportunity

Cake is cut (We will cut and wrap, if required, to go in party bags)

Children eat and then return to the play frame (45 minutes) until the end of the 2 hour session

Who supervises the children?
Parents are responsible for supervising the children at all times.

What does the Private Party food consist of?

A selection of sandwiches (cheese, ham, jam, chocolate spread, cheese spread), a selection of crisps (Pombears, Wotsits, Quavers), grapes (halved) and a choice of biscuits (Chocolate Fingers, Party Rings, Oreos and Maryland cookies) or cupcakes. Squash and water are provided throughout the play session.


Can I bring in additional food for the children?

If you wish to bring in additional vegetables and fruit that is fine. Please bear in mind additional food is often wasted as children are preoccupied with playing with their friends and can’t wait to get back on the play frame

Can I bring adult food?

No. Food and drink can ONLY be purchased on site

Panini choices £4.50

Ham and cheddar cheese

Tuna and cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese with tomato (pesto can be added)

Biscuit platter available for adults £15

Shortbread, luxury chocolate cookies, luxury sultana cookies, Fox's Jam 'n Cream, and Viennese Assortment 

Can I run a drinks tab?
Yes tea £1.50, coffee £2 and cans £1.75

Is the room decorated?

Yes, the dining area has twinkly lights, music, bunting, balloons, spotty tablecloths and coloured plates and cups. 


Can I bring additional decorations?

If you have a helium balloon/s and/or a banner, yes   

Do I need to bring music?

No, it is all set up with Spotify in both the main barn and dining area


Can I bring along a face painter or additional entertainment?

There really is no need. The play frame and friends provide all the fun. Additional entertainment is overlooked as the children are preoccupied with their friends and running around 


Is there a checklist for the Private Party?


Ensure all children wear socks

Birthday cake and candles (we provide matches)

Party bags


It is best for children to wear clothing that covers the skin to protect them from slide burns. It also increases the speed on the slides! Socks MUST be worn at all times. 


Do you provide party bags?



When can I arrive?

The doors will be open for the hosts 5 minutes before the party is due to start. Everything is set up so it is just a question of bringing in the cake and party bags

When do you need final numbers?

5 days before the party


Do you take a deposit and when is payment required?

A deposit of £75 is required on booking. The balance payment is required when you confirm your final numbers 5 days before the party

How can I pay?

I will send bank transfer details over once numbers have been confirmed. If you run a drinks tab on the day this can also be paid by bank transfer.


What will the final cost be?

£130 for the private hire

£10 per child (Minimum of 12)

Any drinks, cakes, paninis can be paid on the day with cash or by bank transfer

From what age do I pay for a child?

From 12 months. If a baby/toddler is using the playframe but doesn't require food there is a £5 charge.

What happens if we have to cancel the party?

A party can be rescheduled to a later date but 48 hours' notice is required beforehand.


Is there an outdoor play area?



Is there sufficient parking?

Yes, we are on a farm and have a large car park

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